Finally -- James Franco and pornography mentioned in the same sentence! Don't get too excited, though, because Franco isn't taking his clothes off for dirty movies. A new red band trailer for 'About Cherry' has arrived just in time for the film's limited theatrical run, and it features Mr. Franco helping a young girl enter the world of pornography.

In the new film 'About Cherry,' Ashley Hinshaw plays Angelina, an 18 year old who moves to San Francisco after her boyfriend goads her into taking naked photos. She takes the money and runs off with her best friend (Dev Patel) and becomes a stripper -- that's when she meets Frances (James Franco), a lawyer who helps her get a foot in the door with pornographers. Under the name "Cherry," Angelina starts out slow with some girl-on-girl stuff, but finds herself drawn to the higher-paying world of man-on-woman action.

Heather Graham plays a former adult star turned director -- a cute touch following her role of Roller Girl in 'Boogie Nights.' The trailer is filled with plenty of boobs and some steamy porno shots layered between glossy shots of night clubs and James Franco's facial hair.

'About Cherry' is currently available OnDemand and opens limited this weekend. Enjoy the very NSFW trailer, courtesy of The Playlist.