There's something about the 'innocence lost' stories that gets all of us, whether it's an 80's comedy about guys trying to lose their virginity or a Midwestern girl heading to Hollywood to become a star. 'About Cherry' is one of those stories, this time dealing with an 18 year-old blond and her dive into the skin-filled world of porn.

A brand new trailer just hit for the IFC films release. A movie that has garnered quite a bit of heat at festivals. The movie stars Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Lili Taylor, Heather Graham and Dev Patel. According to Vulture, the movie is about Angelina, a girl looking for some direction in her life. And like most hot blonds her age, she finds that direction by taking the money she earned for a nude photo shoot, moves to San Francisco and begins a career in the porn industry. She then meets James Franco's character who may or may not be a good guy, and Dev Patel is the one friend who tries to help her because he loves her or some such nonsense. Can't really tell from the trailer.

What we can tell is that Ashley Hinshaw is one hot lady. And that's all the motivation we need to go check this out when it hits On-Demand next month.

Take a look at the trailer below.

And here's the poster in case you need some new wallpaper for your iPhone.