In addition to the outstanding upcoming indie thriller Faults, Mary Elizabeth Winstead also appears in Alex of Venice, the directorial debut from Chris Messina (you cannot throw a rock in the indie world without hitting that guy). The first trailer for the new indie drama has arrived, in which Winstead plays a mother whose husband decides to take a break from his family, leaving her confused and adrift.

In Alex of Venice, Messina plays a stay-at-home husband who’s fed-up with taking care of his kids and his home while his wife (Winstead) works way too much to support all of them. He decides to take a little break from his family life, which then turns into something more long-term, forcing Winstead to effectively begin her life again. While juggling kids, her imposing dad and the arrival of her sister, the newly single mom tries to pick up the pieces of her life to see what’s left now that her husband is gone.

Alex of Venice looks like a promising debut from Messina with yet another fine performance from Winstead, who co-stars with Derek Luke, Don Johnson and Katie Nehra. Here’s the official synopsis from the Tribeca Film Festival (via The Playlist):

In the directorial debut from Chris Messina, Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives a heartwarming performance as an environmental attorney who finds her workaholic regimen thrown into flux when her husband, George (Messina), asks for a break. For Alex, George has always been the one to take the reins at home. When his unexpected departure dawns as something more permanent, Alex finds herself caught balancing her family’s demands, her aging father, played memorably by Don Johnson, and her ambitious career, which she now struggles to maintain. Soon, Alex is forced to reevaluate her life and discover what she was always too preoccupied to notice. Messina’s assured direction, as accomplished as his own performance, creates an honest portrait of a woman facing unexpected vulnerability in order to find her own strength.

Alex of Venice arrives on VOD and in select theaters on April 17.