Pretty much everyone knows by now that social media can be an incredibly powerful tool when marketing a movie. But producer Chris Moore might want to take a step back after cussing out visitors to the Facebook page for 'American Reunion,' the latest film in the 'American Pie' franchise.

Seems Moore took to Facebook to ask fans there how to get people to see the new movie. But when he got some rather profane suggestions instead of the solid marketing advice for which Facebook denizens are so widely renowned (seriously, dude?), he lashed out:

I been reading your comments, Most of you are so jaded. B---jobs and free beer. F--- you. We made a funny heartfelt movie and it delivers. Isn't that enough?

Of course, while the suits at the movie studio may or may not be pleased with Moore's unique way of winning friends and influencing people, the diatribe did go viral, and it rather fits the character for a film series that's featured the lead character doing unspeakable things to baked goods after being told that sex "feels like warm apple pie."

Want to help Moore reach his stated $50 million opening weekend goal? Line up at the theater when 'American Reunion' opens on April 6.