We love seeing indie games get a ton of love and support on Kickstarter, so we were glad to hear that Among the Sleep, Krillbite Studio's PC horror game that's played from the perspective of a two-year-old, successfully closed out its campaign this weekend. What's more is that they received $248,358, which is almost $50,000 more than their intended $200,000 goal, meaning that a slew of their stretch goals were achieved as well!

The funniest stretch goal was at the $200,030 mark, since it meant hitting this funding goal would mean that every person on the team would get an ice cream. But as the stretch goals went on, they got more impressive, especially since the $225,000 goal would allow for Oculus Rift implementation. The third goal they hit was the $230,000 tier, which would allow for a commentary track to be included in the game proper, complete with thoughts and anecdotes from Krillbite's development experience.

Unfortunately, they couldn't hit the Supersecret Free Downloadable Content tier at $250,000 and the final "Secret" tier will have to remain a mystery for the time being. But hey, at least we'll be able to experience the horror of being a two-year-old stumbling around a dark and scary world that's made even more frightening thanks to the power of imagination.

You can go to the game's Kickstarter page in order to check out more about the game and even download the playable Alpha version, just to experience the scares for yourself.

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