Just one day after Disney announced the release date for 'Maleficent,' starring Angelina Jolie as the evil queen who sends Sleeping Beauty off to dreamland, the superstar actress is said to be circling another high-profile project.

According to Vulture, Jolie is "in talks" for a role in 'The Counselor,' director Ridley Scott's planned film of an original screenplay by 'No Country for Old Men' author Cormac McCarthy. 20th Century Fox is already thinking about co-financing and distributing the movie, and this news can only make the studio that much more eager to buy in.

The script follows a lawyer who finds himself getting into the drug trade, which is not exactly the kind of business an attorney should be fooling around with. Michael Fassbender is already attached to star, and Jolie's part would probably be a smaller one.

But that will work out nicely for all parties, since Scott hopes to start shooting 'The Counselor' in June. If he schedules it right, he can grab Jolie for her scenes before 'Maleficent' rolls later that month or early in July.

Scott, of course, has his white-hot sci-fi epic 'Prometheus' coming out this June (also starring Fassbender) from Fox, so if Jolie climbs on board and Fox follows suit, the director and studio will work together again on what is sure to be another high-profile release.

Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, Angelina Jolie and Cormac McCarthy -- does that sound like a dream team to you?

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