From the lips of angels - or in this case Will Arnett - 'Arrested Development' is coming back, and it's coming back soon. Arnett told the Today show that they will start shooting this summer. We've heard about this for a while now, but having real word from one of the stars makes it seem that much realer.

The game plan has been (at least last we heard) that each actor would get their own episode to reintroduce themselves, so we get caught up with all the Bluth's and all the trouble they've gotten into since the show left the air in 2006. Then comes a movie-sized adventure. This fits with what Arnett says in the interview bellow.

For a while the major conflict seemed to be scheduling as everyone moved on to other things, but it looks like the stars aligned. This has long been requested by the fans, and the cast and crew were mostly positive on the show when it went off the air (though by that point a number of careers had heated up, so I'm sure a number weren't too hurt). But - though it's been in the air for a while now - it's nice to have some sort of confirmation of the return.