Last night’s SNL was marred by a guest host who was only there because the show wanted to ride his controversial coattails to a few extra headlines. And it worked. Everyone was talking about Donald Trump being on the newest episode of SNL. Unfortunately, publicity does not a good episode make and the Presidential hopeful showcased a distinct lack of talent and comedic chops. Thankfully, there were sketches that didn’t feature him and some of those were good. Take the “Bad Girls” video, which is evidence that the current crop of women on the show may very well be the anti-Trump when it comes to being watchable and funny.

This pre-recorded bit is an oasis. Cutting between scenes of women engaging in the most innocent and mundane examples of poor behavior and them celebrating their badness with dancing and posturing and singing MIA’s “Bad Girls,” it’s a simple, oddly relatable concept executed perfectly.

Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Vanessa Bayer, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong are the stars of this show, perfectly capturing those tiny moments where you break certain social contracts. Like how you ask for a free water cup and fill it with lemonade or when you lie about your group all being present when you want to get seated in a restaurant. The juxtaposition between these minuscule acts of rebellion and their more hardcore celebration is hoot. McKinnon’s final line in the sketch is the kind of moment that should be included in all SNL highlight reels onward.