Billy Bob Thornton‘s Willie Stokes is back in his Santa suit and ready to make your Christmas dreams come true, if someone would just wake up him first.

Bad Santa 2 has been on and off again for a while, but the sequel is officially happening and we have our first teaser trailer. It shows a jolly guy putting on his Santa gear with glee, but it’s not Thornton’s Stokes. He’s sitting on a changing room bench passed out, probably with a massive hangover. When he finally wakes up to don the beard and Santa hat, he tries to make sense of a little girl’s bizarre Christmas wish – it’s something about pooping and building a boat, I think.

The first film followed Thornton as Stokes, a conman who works as a mall Santa each holiday season to rip off the stores with his partner Marcus, played by Tony Cox. Cox will also appear in the sequel along with Kathy Bates and Christina Hendricks. The new movie will be directed by Mark Waters (Mean GirlsFreaky Friday) with a script from Shauna Cross (Whip It), Doug Ellin (Entourage), John Phillips (Dirty Grandpa), and Johnny Rosenthal.

While the original director and writers have been replaced for the sequel, Thornton has previously said the new movie will be even more vulgar and with a little more heart than the first film. “Some of the nasty stuff is even nastier, but this one has more heart — even compared to the heart of the first one, which did have a beating heart,” the actor told Metro earlier this year. Bad Santa 2 opens November 23.

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