With this morning’s news that Lucasfilm has its eye on J.J. Abrams to return and complete the new Star Wars trilogy after Colin Trevorrow’s exit, the question still remains: Will another studio ever hire a female director to helm a movie in one of their huge franchises? Patty Jenkins did pretty well for herself with Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel will be co-directed by a man and a woman, but so far none of the other franchises have decided to — and I’m using sarcasm here — take such a big risk. With the twenty-fifth James Bond movie on the horizon, will the studio go with a female director for the first time? Producer Barbara Broccoli says anything is possible.

While talking to Screen Daily about the TIFF premiere of Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, Broccoli fielded a few inevitable questions about the future of the Bond franchise. Since female directors are such a hot topic these days, she was naturally asked whether the studio would consider hiring one for the Bond series. She said “of course” she’d consider it.

There are a lot of women working on this production [Film Stars] which pleases me very much. It’s incredibly important to support change in front of and behind the camera. I love working with women. It’s a different vibe.

While 007 himself hasn’t quite given up those ladykiller ways, I’d absolutely love to see an interpretation of his character done by a female director. His current run has definitely had a more thoughtful, introspective vibe than past incarnations, and a woman could be a great fit behind the camera for this Bond.

We probably won’t know for a while at least, as Bond 25 isn’t scheduled to hit us until November 2019, and it looks like the franchise is still working on finding a new studio to call home, but a lady at the head of a Bond movie is a very exciting prospect.

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