Apart from watching Bates Motel’s Norman finally ascend the Psycho mantle, fans are surely keen for the final season to bring Rihanna’s take on classic Psycho character Marion Crane. You needn’t drill any holes for a closer look in the latest Season 5 trailers, which also offers a closer look at Norman’s newfound relationship with his icy mother.

Where previously Bates Motel revealed a few first looks at Rihanna in the role of Janet Leigh’s Marion Crane, a new Season 5 trailer (h/t Yahoo) spends a bit more time with the character. Other promos also give a stronger sense of how Norman interacts with his late mother, as Vera Farmiga remains very much a part of the prequel series.

In addition to Rihanna playing the role of Marion Crane, the fifth and final season will introduce House of Cards star Isabelle McNally as Madeleine Loomis, Walking Dead alum Austin Nichols as her husband Sam, and Brooke Smith as Sheriff Dana Greene. Kenny Johnson will return in his role as Caleb Calhoun along with Ryan Hurst’s Chick Hogan.

We’ll see more on the road to its February 20 premiere, but what do we make of the final Bates Motel stay? Watch the first trailer below.

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