Last summer, Scoot McNairy was quietly added to the cast of Batman vs. Superman with Warner Bros. refusing to comment on the character he’d be playing. The mystery was stoked later that year when McNairy was spotted on the set of the film wearing knee-high greenscreen socks. What did it all mean? A brief look through Google right now turns up speculation that he’s playing The Flash (which we now know is obviously untrue), Metallo, Blue Beetle, Robin, Maxwell Lord and even Doomsday (!!). Well, internet, speculate no longer. We can now tell you who Scoot McNairy is playing in Batman vs. Superman.

Just one day after we received confirmation on Jena Malone’s mysterious Batman vs. Superman role, comes more mystery role confirmation. Heroic Hollywood has confirmed that McNairy will be playing Superman’s old pal, Jimmy Olsen. So, what gives with the green socks, Jimmy?

It turns out that the photos we saw of McNairy on set were taken as they were recreating the battle between Superman and Zod (referred to in the new movies as the “Black Zero Event”) at the end of Man of Steel for Batman vs. Superman. If you remember, in the trailer, we caught a glimpse of that battle from Bruce Wayne’s perspective. Olsen is another unfortunate victim of the battle, injured during the battle and eventually losing both his legs. What this means to his otherwise unflagging support for Superman remains to be seen.

How much else of McNairy’s Jimmy Olsen will be seen in Batman vs. Superman remains to be seen. If you look closely in the trailer, there’s a very brief shot of him sitting in a courtroom as Superman enters, but perhaps Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder have bigger plans for Superman’s pal (*cough*Giant Turtle Man*cough*).

Batman vs. Superman will open on March 26, 2016.

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