Do you ever feel nostalgic for Timothée Chalamet‘s 2018 Oscar campaign all those months ago? Are you still annoyed Gary Oldman took the the Best Actor prize from the the 22-year-old Call Me By Your Name star? Do you wanna see Timmy back on that red carpet, giving shout outs to Cardi B? No problem! Amazon’s got just the thing.

Chalamet is about to give us another standout performance in his next drama, Beautiful Boy. Based on the memoirs by father and son David Sheff and Nic Sheff, the film follows a young man struggling with meth addiction. The first trailer shows Steve Carrell’s David visiting his son (Chalamet) as an explosive argument erupts over who Nic has become. The pair get a handful of heavy and tearful moments in the trailer, so you can bet Chalamet will be a fixture of awards season once again, likely with Carrell by his side gunning for supporting. Maura Tierney and Amy Ryan also star, and though they only get briefly shown in the trailer, I sure hope this movie doesn’t waste them.

The adaptation comes from Belgian director Felix Van Groeningen. He’s best known for 2012’s The Broken Circle Breakdown, about bluegrass musicians whose young daughter gets diagnosed with cancer, and 2016’s Belgica, about two brothers who start a live music club. A story about addiction, especially a biographical one, could easily turn exploitative or melodramatic, but with such a talented cast hopefully this one gets at something true. Beautiful Boy hits theaters October 12.

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