There's something really special about that moment when a great song combines with a great film to create movie magic. But how can you, humble movie fan, combine your love of music and movies in real life? Karaoke! If you're anything like us, you love movies, you love music, and you love karaoke (or at least allow your friends to rope you into it on occasion). So let us help you proudly wave that movie nerd flag with our guide to some of the best karaoke songs from movie soundtracks, sure to impress your friends and bring the roof down at your next karaoke gathering.

  • "She's Like the Wind" - Patrick Swayze

    'Dirty Dancing'

    Yeah, okay, you're probably wondering why we didn't put "I've Had the Time of My Life" on here instead, but that's just too obvious. "She's Like the Wind" is sung by 'Dirty Dancing' star Patrick Swayze himself, and will give you far more cred than that played out duet. You've chosen to sing a Patrick Swayze song. How much cooler can you get? We're not going to tell you to wear a tank top, but we're not going to tell you not to wear one.

  • "Power of Love" - Huey Lewis and the News

    'Back to the Future'

    Featured in 'Back to the Future,' this Huey Lewis and the News track will transport you back in time -- DeLorean not included. We think the message of the song is that the real fuel for time travel was love all along?

  • "Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen

    'Shaun of the Dead'

    We have one word for you, and it's all the karaoke currency you will ever need: Queen. It's hard to pick just one jam, but "Don't Stop Me Now," which was used during the epic zombie bar battle in 'Shaun of the Dead' is perfect -- it starts as a piano ballad and segues into an epic party starter.

  • "Let It Go" - Idina Menzel


    From Queen to Queen Elsa, you can't go wrong with one of the top songs of 2013: Elsa's show-stopping (but not snow-stopping, hey oh!) and empowering ballad from Disney's 'Frozen.' Just try to keep everyone from joining in on this one. No really, try. It won't work. You're sharing the mic -- deal with it.

  • "Kiss from a Rose" - Seal

    'Batman Forever'

    'Batman Forever' is not a good movie, but "Kiss from a Rose" is a great song and you know it in your nerdy little heart because you already know every word to this song. Don't act like you didn't own that 1996 Grammy nominee compilation tape that you pretended was your mom's. And this song is guaranteed to bring the karaoke house down -- just wait until you get to that climactic "BABYYYYY" part. You'll see.

  • "Stay (I Missed You)" - Lisa Loeb

    'Reality Bites'

    It's the '90s in song form. Tie that flannel around your waist and pretend that greasy-haired Ethan Hawke just broke your heart all over again with "Stay" from the 'Reality Bites' soundtrack. It may seem like a mopey choice, but trust us, people are still in love with this precious song and all the grungy nostalgia it conjures.


  • "Don't You (Forget About Me)" - Simple Minds

    'The Breakfast Club'

    Pump your rebellious fist in the air with this track from '80s treasure 'The Breakfast Club,' and if you're really cool, you and your friends will stage an impromptu, retro-style jumping-in-the-air freeze frame at the end of the song. And you're that cool.

  • "Jessie's Girl" - Rick Springfield

    'Boogie Nights'

    There are so many amazing songs from 'Boogie Nights' to choose from, but this is definitely the most karaoke-friendly. "Jessie's Girl" was used in the highly memorable drug dealer scene, paired up with Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" -- which you could also sing to make it a 'Boogie Nights' double feature, if you're feeling particularly awesome.

  • "Regulate" - Warren G. feat. Nate Dogg

    'Above the Rim'

    WARNING: this song is for karaoke pros only, and it's totally better if you have a friend. From the '90s flick 'Above the Rim' featuring the late great Tupac Shakur, Warren G.'s "Regulate" had to be included on this list because how can you have a karaoke list without at least one rap jam? And how can you have a karaoke list without this rap jam?

  • "The Glory of Love" - Peter Cetera"

    'The Karate Kid'

    Perhaps one of the greatest love ballads of all time comes from one of the greatest '80s movies ever: "The Glory of Love" from 'The Karate Kid' soundtrack. Get down on one knee, serenade to the heavens, and don't forget to wax off when you're through.