The cast of next year’s blockbuster sequel Independence Day 2 continues to grow. Director Roland Emmerich made two more big announcements today on his Twitter account:

Pullman played President Thomas Whitmore, America’s fearless leader and a former fighter pilot, a skill that came in handy when the U.S.’s dwindling forces need more men to fly planes against the invading aliens. Hirsch played Julius Levinson, the father of Jeff Goldblum’s character, computer expert David Levinson. Goldblum’s already signed up for Independence Day 2, so the sequel’s now a full-fledged family reunion.

Additional returning cast members include Brent Spiner and Vivica A. Fox, who’ll join franchise newcomers Liam Hemsworth, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Jessie Usher, who’ll play the son of the character played in the first film by Will Smith. With the additions of Pullman and Hirsch we’re rapidly approaching a state where the cast list is basically “Everyone from the first movie except Will Smith (and Randy Quaid, for extremely obvious reasons).” We also still need Mae Whitman to come back and play President Whitmore’s daughter again (which would actually be pretty awesome, can that happen?).

Independence Day 2 opens on June 24, 2016. Which, last I checked, is not Independence Day. I’m filing my grievance with the Better Business Bureau right now.

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