Now that Brad Bird has returned to Pixar, returned to his beloved superhero franchise The Incredibles, what’s next? Bird is a guy who likes to do different things. After The Incredibles and Ratatouille he made Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol and then Tomorrowland, then it was back to Pixar for Incredibles 2. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that his next movie will be another departure.

At an awards season red carpet earlier this week, Bird revealed that he’s already working on his follow-up to Incredibles 2, and it’s an original musical not based on any existing property. He didn’t want to reveal too much yet, but he confirmed the music is being written by his frequent collaborator Michael Giacchino, and that the movie will be a hybrid, with live-action and 20 minutes of animation.

Here’s the interview:

Admittedly, the last time Bird made a bold left turn in his career, the results weren’t exactly a blockbuster. (Tomorrowland was a noble failure, I suppose. But at least in my eyes, it was a failure.) So there’s no guarantee Bird’s musical (a genre he admitted he is not an expert in during that red carpet interview) will turn into a classic. Still, I’d rather have Bird making a bold new idea, than another rehash of something he’s already created.

(Unless the rehash is a new Iron Giant. Then I’m down with it. But I think that goes without saying.)

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