When the news broke that Sigourney Weaver would finally throw her metaphorical hat into the TV ring for a political drama that sadly lacked any towering aliens, we drew a sad face. Now that another major sci-fi and nerd-friendly babe has joined the cast, we find ourselves with a much deeper need to watch USA's upcoming political drama. Now if they just moved the setting to space, we'd be hooked!

In any case, Deadline TV reports that 'Watchmen,' 'Sin City' and earlier this season 'Justified' babe Carla Gugino will throw her own metaphorically political hat in the ring (why are we obsessed with metaphorical hats?), joining Sigourney weaver for the high-stakes political drama from Greg Berlanti ('Dirty Sexy Money') and Laurence Mark ('Jerry Maguire').   Gugino, whose recognizable career credits seem to endlessly stretch down iMDB will take the role of Susan Berg, a hungry Pulitzer Prize-winning DC journalist bent on destroying former First Lady and newly appointed Secretary of State Elaine Barrish (Weaver)'s career.

As previously mentioned, ‘Political Animals’ chronicles a former first family weakened by political ambition, lust and greed, centering on Elaine Barrish (Weaver), divorced former First Lady and newly appointed Secretary of State who lost her own presidential nomination. Barrish relies on her son Doug (James Wolk of ‘Lone Star’ fame), an ambitious politico who serves as her chief of staff, while tormented by his twin brother’s addiction struggles. All the while, Barrish's deposed ex-husband is still in love with her and the office he once held, and the former First Lady faces the increasing crises of the department.

'Political Animals' marks Gugino's first series regular role since 2003's 'Karen Sisco' and the first regular role for Sigourney Weaver.

Hmm, does the addition of Sally Jup...Carla Gugino pique your interest in the forthcoming summer political drama, or do things still seem a little 'The Good Wife' for you?  Hit us up with your thoughts, or at least your best Weaver/Gugino slash fiction in the comments below!  But be sensible about it.