With just two weeks to go until the 'Celebrity Apprentice' season finale, there were only five contestants left vying to become Donald Trump's right-hand man/woman: Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken, Aubrey O'Day, Teresa Giudice and Lisa Lampinelli. So who got axed on last night's episode and why was it so shocking?  (Hint: after the firing, Trump called everyone in for a surprise announcement...)

Tasked with creating an ad for a new hair dryer, Teresa's team with Arsenio and Aubrey seemed to be at an advantage. Aubrey herself modeled for the new ad and both Clay and Lisa copped to knowing almost nothing about fashion or beauty products.  And despite a strong showing from Team Teresa, her team lost, mostly because, as Trump would put it, because of her.

So Trump, and his two guest judges Marlee Matlin and John Rich (both former contestants) sent Giudice back home to New Jersey.  Her team seemed to feel bad for her (Arsenio says she was a "nice lady") but probably not too bad as they likely would have won their challenge without her.

But sensing that the season finale was fast approaching, Trump called the remaining four back into his boardroom.  He wasn't done firing people yet.

In a surprising turn of events, Trump also fired Lisa Lampinelli - the project manager for the winning team. It's an unprecedented move and Trump explains it's because of her inability to control her emotions. She cries a lot in the boardroom and was taken to task previously for calling fellow contestant Dayana Mendoza a Mexican slur.

So with Lisa and Teresa gone, that just leaves Arsenio, Clay and Aubrey left to take the prize. Who do you think deserves it?  Will Aubrey's walking off the show in April come back to bite her in the butt?  Who should Trump send home?