Elizabeth Banks may not be directing Pitch Perfect 3, but she is tackling another female-centric franchise with a big screen reboot of Charlie’s Angels. Unlike previous iterations of the iconic characters, Banks’ version has something a little extra: Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Auburn, who has been tasked with making sure we take these women a little more seriously this time.

The classic ’70s series about a trio of highly-skilled, disguise-loving private investigators was previously rebooted by McG, who delivered the stylish, self-aware and entertaining Charlie’s Angels movie in 2000, followed by its vastly underrated sequel in 2003. Banks was recently tapped to helm the latest reboot for Sony, and we’ve been pretty curious about what the actress and Pitch Perfect 2 director has in mind.

And according to THR, Banks is not messing around. She’s hired Pulitzer Prize-winning Proof playwright David Auburn to write the screenplay and “create three new dynamic yet grounded ‘Angels.’” Ah, yes, another “grounded” reboot. Per the report, Auburn’s hiring is a “strategic” move, as Banks and Sony are looking for “rich, fully developed characters.” Hiring a prestigious playwright is certainly one way to ensure robust character development, though I’m not entirely sold on the idea that a man is the best choice for writing “grounded” and “fully developed” women.

Mostly, it’s just kind of hilarious that a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright has been brought in to class up one of the most delightfully silly concepts in pop culture history — McG’s subversively self-aware reboot had fun satirizing the series because it understood why it was so silly to begin with: Like the seemingly bottomless supply of goofy costumes and disguises, or how their entire schtick is that no one would expect three attractive women with amazing hair to be competent at detective work or capable of physically disabling a criminal.

Charlie’s Angels is supposed to be a little ridiculous. My only hope for Banks’ reboot is that she keeps that sense of silliness intact.