It’s easy to get excited about another big screen reboot of Charlie’s Angels when you have actress, director and certifiable awesome person Elizabeth Banks behind the camera. Whatever is about to happen with this movie, we’re ready — but that’s the thing: aside from Banks directing the film based on the classic ‘70s series, we don’t really know anything else about it. The writer Sony just tapped to write the screenplay for the reboot may give us a clue.

THR reports that Sony has hired Evan Spiliotopoulos to draft the screenplay for Charlie’s Angels, based on the popular television series from the ’70s that originally starred Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson as three badass detectives who solve mysteries for an enigmatic benefactor.

Spiliotopoulos wrote the script for the Dwayne Johnson Hercules movie, and penned screenplays for Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast and the totally insane-looking The Huntsman: Winter’s War (aka Hansel and Gretel: Frozen Hunters). It’s safe to assume that Beauty and the Beast will be a fairly grand but lovely film from director Bill Condon, and as for Hercules and Winter’s War…the former was an action-packed (if a bit silly), underwhelming take on the classic tale, while the latter looks absolutely bonkers — and maybe not in the best way?

That said, Spiliotopoulos clearly has a knack for a few things: action, silliness, grandiosity and indulgence. And those are definitely adjectives one might use to describe Charlie’s Angels, both in its original incarnation and the two somewhat-underrated films directed by McG.

Whatever comes of Spiliotopoulos’ next two projects, at least he has one potentially solid film on the horizon — Banks wouldn’t let us down, right?