The trailer for Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder shows us just how we'll try to make the real world a little bit more interesting.

Chibi-Robo originally appeared on the GameCube. Now he's back to help a museum become famous by collecting "NostalJunk." What is NostalJunk? Well, it turns out that it's the various items you can find around your house. You can help Chibi-Robo by taking photos of specific NostalJunk items using the in-game camera.

You'll roam around your environments looking to match the silhouettes on the camera with objects you can find in your day-to-day life. Upon successful capture, these objects are then taken by Chibi-Robo to be displayed in the museum. Who knew that your roll of toilet paper would be instrumental in preserving your culture?

Watch the trailer above and get ready for its release on the Nintendo eShop on Jan. 9, 2014. If you're not convinced, take the game for a stroll in the demo version, also available on the same day.