Regardless of the occasional stumble on its American side, SNL has spread through many countries with their own iterations, including South Korea. The sketches don’t often necessarily make their way stateside, but when a screaming Chloe Moretz hurls a fistful of kimchi at one of the performers, well, you’ve got our attention.

If your Korean isn’t up to snuff, PopCrush helpfully made note of what’s actually happening in the above sketch, which sees the Kick-Ass star as a daughter-in-law overdosed on K-dramas, and overreacting to everything her in-laws say. The actress visited South Korea as the brand ambassador for upcoming PC game Sudden Attack, becoming the first American guest on SNL Korea in the process.

In addition to sporting a traditional hanbok, Moretz also spoke near-fluent Korean throughout, briefly returning to English toward the end of the video. And hey, who knows? Maybe Moretz will get a chance to host the original SNL in promotion of upcoming adaptation The 5th Wave or Neighbors 2, given that Ariana Grande marks our only confirmed host for the near future.

You can watch Moretz’s … curious appearance above, and stay tuned for the latest.

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