Over the last few years or so, Activision has been featuring beloved actors in their Call of Duty trailers. Just a couple of months back, Taylor Kitsch and Emily Ratajkowski (‘Gone Girl’) starred in the trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which was directed by Peter Berg. Today the folks at Activision are stepping up their trailer game even further, with this new teaser for Call of Duty Online featuring ‘Captain America’ himself, Chris Evans. When you think patriotism and answering the call of duty, you obviously think Captain America.

This first sneak peek is just a teaser for the full trailer for Call of Duty Online, which should be arriving relatively soon. In it, Chris Evans is battle-ready and suited up for action, helping a group of Chinese soldiers under fire. Don’t worry, guys, it’s Chris Evans. He’s totally got your back.

If you’re wondering why the teaser features Chinese subtitles, that’s because Call of Duty Online was developed specifically for China, which lifted its ban on console games in 2013. The game released a Beta version back in January, and is expected to launch the full version early next year. Call of Duty Online is a micro-transaction based version of the original multiplayer game, and reuses maps, characters, and weapons from previous Call of Duty games like Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

Evans features prominently on the poster for the game as well as in the above teaser, although we probably won’t see him promoting Call of Duty in the U.S.

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