In other Christopher McQuarrie news, the director is set to tackle a remake of the 1968 film 'Ice Station Zebra,' which may or may not impact his possible involvement in 'Mission: Impossible 5.'

Hot on the heels of news that Tom Cruise will indeed return for 'Mission: Impossible 5,' and that writer/director Christopher McQuarrie might direct that installment of the franchise, comes news via THR that McQuarrie is now being tapped to direct a remake of the 1968 thriller 'Ice Station Zebra.' Though McQuarrie isn't a lock for 'M:I 5,' his involvement is likely, so we're unsure whether this 'Ice Station Zebra' news will be a factor in the making of either film.

The original 'Ice Station Zebra' boasted an all-star cast, including Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan, and Jim Brown, and followed a team of US Navy soldiers aboard a submarine where they try to outrun the Russians to reach photographs in the Arctic because this was a time before Instagram. The film was packed with action, intrigue, and sabotage, which is right up McQuarrie's alley, having also written both 'The Usual Suspects' and 'Valkyrie,' which dealt with similar themes.

Given McQuarrie's previous work history with Tom Cruise, we can't help but wonder if the actor will be involved, especially if McQuarrie does sign on for 'M:I 5.' They can't make both films at once, right?