The most quotable moment in Jurassic Park is debatable. Is it John Hammond saying “spared no expense?” Jeff Goldblum weirdly laughing at Laura Dern in the helicopter? Or saying “Must go faster!” to Sam Neill? How about Samuel L. Jackson saying “Hold on to your butts!” Or what about the classic moment when the raptors outsmart Robert Muldoon, the park’s game warden, and right before they turn him into lunch he says “Clever girl...”?

That’s our personal favorite. (Okay, that or the “Hold on to your butts thing.”) But Jurassic Park is not the first movie in history to use that line. (The “clever girl” part; the butts we’re pretty sure is just by Sam Jackson in the first Jurassic Park.) In fact, “Clever girl!” has appeared dozens of times, in films and television shows, both before Jurassic Park was released and afterwards (occasionally as an homage to JP). The supercut above collects every time we could find when someone in a show or a film said “Clever girl!” And it is surprisingly long!

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