Stephen Colbert has plenty of work left in this election, including a live Showtime special full of all the swears and nudity you like, but you didn’t think Jon Stewart was going to sit out, did you? Watch the former Daily Show and Colbert Report hosts reunite for a voting musical extravaganza, with a touch of Hamilton to boot.

CBS released the full eleven-minute clip from last night’s live Late Show With Stephen Colbert, in which orphan ragamuffins, the band, and special guests make one final push for everyone to vote. Suddenly, out steps Stewart as the Mayor of Candytown (just go with it), delivering one of the finer spit-takes of our generation.

A little after eight minutes in, current Hamilton star Javier Muñoz pops by to remind everyone not to throw away their shot, as “history has its eyes on you.” And hey, even matinees are no excuse not to vote.

You can watch the full clip for yourself above, especially while you’re standing in line at the polls. Gonna need some good today.

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