We’re still waiting on Jon Stewart’s official return after signing an HBO contract, but Stephen Colbert has thus far afforded the former Daily Show host ample opportunity to have his voice heard. Case in point, Stewart makes yet another Late Show return, as he and Colbert make sense of Trump’s relationship with the press.

Ahead of Colbert’s live response to the President’s first official Congressional address, Jon Stewart made a surprise return to his former Comedy Central partner’s side. The bit came about from Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s apparent ban of major media outlets from a White House gaggle; in the process summoning the still-bearded Stewart from beneath Colbert’s desk.

In either case, Colbert will go live tomorrow after Trump’s first official address to Congress, the teaser of which apes the New York Times in a rare decision to advertise their dedication to the truth:

We’ll likely see more from Stewart’s return in the coming days, especially with Tuesday’s live show. Stay tuned in the meantime, and watch the clip above.

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