All eyes are appropriately on Stephen Colbert as the former Colbert Report host prepares to kick off a new Late Show era this coming Tuesday, but even with two full weeks mapped out, there are plenty surprises in store. Not only will the September 8 premiere run longer than expected, but we also have a first look at Colbert’s new Late Show digs.

Deadline confirmed with CBS that the September 8 premiere installment of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert will most-likely end up super-sized, running upwards of 12:44 A.M., pushing James Corden’s Late Late Show back a bit. Joining Colbert’s roster of George Clooney and GOP hopeful Jeb Bush will be “special guests,” along with bandleader Jon Batiste introducing his band Stay Human.

On the subject of Jeb Bush, Colbert also hit back at the former Florida Governor for announcing a ticket raffle to Colbert’s first show without permission, leading to Colbert launching a contest of his own.

And where that video places Colbert in the audience of the revamped Ed Sullivan Theater, take a look at the Late Show’s new set, via test tapings this past week:

We’re looking forward to bringing Stephen Colbert’s real persona in line with some of the exaggerated Report humor, so stay tuned for more from the September 8 premiere of our new Late Show.

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