South Park will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, which is today’s reminder that you’re old and have been watching crudely animated children swear at each other for nearly two decades now. The venerable series, which made Comedy Central a serious player and gave popular culture itself a mean (but satiric!) kick in the butt, still isn’t showing signs of slowing down. As long as the world makes them angry enough to make fun of it, series creators Trek Parker and Matt Stone are going to be making South Park. And their network can’t help but enable them — they’ve renewed the show through 2019.

The news comes to us from Variety, who report that Comedy Central has ordered 30 more episodes of their flagship series. That means that there will soon be 23 seasons and over 300 episodes of South Park in existence, making it the longest running scripted primetime series on cable. That’s a lot of qualifications, but it’s also pretty darn impressive for a series whose mission statement has been all about burning down the world and salting the earth in its wake.

The seasons have gotten shorter and Parker and Stone have grown increasingly distracted by other projects (including the wildly successful The Book of Mormon), but it’s hard to imagine a world without new South Park. Still, it will take intervention on the part of Comedy Central itself to kill the show, as Parker and Stone have made it clear that the series will go on until they’re forced to quit. As long as the option to make South Park exists, they’re going to keep on making South Park and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We’ll see you in 2019, when South Park will probably get renewed through 2022.

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