For as much as we love 'Community' and wholeheartedly support its fourth season regardless of what showrunner takes the helm, we'll be keeping an eye on the response to this Thursday's "Conventions of Space and Time," given early critical word on the episode has been less than favorable. Even fans of the first two outings of the season have raised questions about characters backsliding, particularly Annie (Alison Brie)'s feelings for Jeff, but will the story have a happy ending? Check out the latest clip of Alison Brie from Thursday's "Conventions of Space and Time" for a clue!

Shippers of Jeff and Annie from 'Community' will no doubt have a field day with this Thursday's "Conventions of Space and Time," which tests the relationship between the two as the Greendale Gang pays a visit to an "Inspector Spacetime" convention. We've already seen that Jeff gets friendly with a fellow convention-goer that looks suspiciously like 'Battlestar Galactica's' Tricia Helfer, but will Annie manage to keep her jealousy in check?

NBC has released a new clip from Thursday's' "Conventions of Space and Time," which sees Annie having a bit of fun using Jeff's name at their hotel, but how far will she take it? Could it finally lead to something real between the two this time, or will it turn out to be another tease?

Check out the latest 'Community' clip below, and give us your predictions for the season in the comments!