Today, the talk all around the internet consists mostly of NBC criticism leveled at how ineptly they've covered the 2012 Olympics, but here's even more fuel for the fire.  We'd previously heard that ousted 'Community' leader Dan Harmon was in talks to create a new FOX sitcom, and now things are looking even further streets ahead for the deposed show-runner.  Sitcom titan CBS reportedly wants a piece of Harmon too, but what are they offering?

Good news for 'Community' and Dan Harmon fans alike, as the unjustly-fired show-runner has just landed yet another blind script deal with CBS, following a similar deal in place with the FOX network.  Who's laughing now, NBC?

Like his FOX deal, Harmon is free to develop a script for CBS as he likes, though given the network's current array of programming it's more than likely the former 'Community' show-runner will break with his usual single-camera setup and skew broader with the traditional three-camera sitcom.  In spite of the acclaim Harmon has received from 'Community' and previous single-camera efforts like 'The Sarah Silverman Program,' networks have often seen him as having narrow appeal.

Harmon has also kept busy developing animated Adult Swim pilot ‘Rick & Morty’ with Justin Roiland, which follows an inventor and his less-than-intelligent grandson.  Harmon isn't the only 'Community' alum to find success after departing the series, as former executive producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan now serve as show-runners on on new FOX comedy ‘Ben and Kate,’ while former ‘Community’ writer and co-executive producer Chris McKenna is working on ‘The Mindy Project.’  McKenna in particular was just nominated for an Emmy thanks to ‘Community’s “Remedial Chaos Theory,” the show’s only nomination.

What say you?  Would you watch a new Dan Harmon show on CBS, even if it turned out to be a three-camera sitcom bane to 'Community?'  Tell us what you think, or if Harmon should go back to NBC in the comments below!