We said WRITER, not show-runner.  We'd have put a lot more fanfare into this were it to mean that tragedy had been averted, Sony TV and NBC realized their mistake and Dan Harmon had no longer been ousted from our beloved 'Community.'  Still, there is good news to come out of this whole debacle, yet another ray of hope that 'Community' season 4 will still have at least some of its old spark.

In spite of all the writer / producer turnover to come out of 'Community' this past year, including the departures of executive producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, writer/producer Chris McKenna, actor/writer Dino Stamatopoulos, and frequent episode directors and executive producers Anthony and Joe Russo, writer Megan Ganz has confirmed via her Twitter that she will in fact remain for the next (potentially final) run of 'Community' episodes this fall.

Basic Lupine Urology," as well as both meta episodes "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux" and "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking."Ganz made the "official" announcement via her
Twitter, saying:

What say you? Can you enjoy 'Community' without Dan Harmon, or is the writing staff nothing without the show's creator? Give us your take in the comments below!

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