It almost feels bittersweet to look forward to the February 7 premiere of 'Community' season 4, with very little hope the show will continue on past its next 13 episodes. Still, amid Chevy Chase's departure of the series and news of some intriguing guest stars, we've been in need of more 'Community' pick-me-ups for the Greendale gang. How about news of a top-secret love interest for the loveably meta Abed? 'Community' star Alison Brie dishes inside!

For someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of movies and TV, and little to no social skills, 'Community's Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) seems to do exceptionally well with the ladies, when he wants to. We've seen him attract everyone from 'Happy Endings' Eliza Coupe to Alison Brie herself, but is there a new romance in the works for season 4?

Brie recently spoke to Vulture in promotion of her new movie 'Save the Date,' wherein she revealed where Abed's romantic future might take him, if not to Annie herself:

I think of him as a brother! I don't know if I see them together romantically. I do sometimes feel sorry for Annie on the love front, because I do want her to have a love interest. Abed gets a new love interest [in Season 4] who is more Abed-like. I can't say who.

Brie also shrugged off the fact that 'Community's rescheduled premiere date of February 7 plays havoc with the show's relevance, season 4 containing both a Halloween episode and a Christmas outing. "Our Christmas episode is going to air in April, It'll be great," says Brie. "I think it's a nice way for fans to celebrate Christmas all over again. Everybody loves the holidays, right?"

Brie also added that the famously-spoofing show would tackle horror movies this year (in addition to the 'Hunger Games' parody of the premiere), but what say you? Are you anxiously awaiting the fourth season of 'Community?' What would you like to see the gang tackle?