As distraught as we are that 'Community' won't be premiering its fourth season next Friday thanks to NBC's last-minute switch, the consensus around the internet is that 'Community' will ultimately have a better shot with a bigger marketing push and potentially even a better night than Friday.  Still, even with all the commotion series show-runners Moses Port and David Guarascio conducted a round of interviews about the Greendale Gang's senior year, including exactly what involvement departed show-runner Dan Harmon could have.

It's an uncertain day for 'Community,' as even with all details pouring out of the fourth season from show-runners David Guarascio and Moses Port across Vulture, TVGuide, Hitfix, and others, we still don't know when the fourth season will actually premiere.  And while all the spoilery new tidbits and behind the scenes discussions gave cause for excitement, one item in particular caught our eye.

Everyone who's anyone knows how ungraceful Dan Harmon's exit from the series was at the hands of NBC and Sony TV, but the outrage has long-since died down.  Guarascio and Port clarified that while they had some early contact with Harmon in the beginning, the departed show-runner wished them well and declined any potential involvement with the series.  Given all the switcheroo, and the 13-episode order to begin with, would Harmon be open to writing a potential series finale, if season 4 proved to be the last?

Sadly, Harmon apparently passed on even writing the swan song.  Despite their reaching out to him on the idea, “He was very gracious and said thanks and just wished us the best of luck,” Guarascio says.  Elsewhere, the working relationship with the cast seems strong, with plenty of plans and character arcs for all, while both show-runners remain adamant they've stayed true to the show's unique brand of quirky comedy.

Bummer to no Dan Harmon, and bummer to this uncertain hiatus, but in the meantime check out the interviews and tell us what you hope to see from 'Community' season 4 (whenever it premieres) in the comments!