All season long we've debated 'Community's return, whether season 4 matched up to the series' previous greatness under showrunner Dan Harmon, or if the series should make a graceful exit, but now the precipice is upon us. 'Community' season 4 will soon air its finale episode "Advanced Introduction to Finality," but will it prove the last of the series? Sony TV needs your help to save 'Community' inside!

The past 12 episodes of 'Community,' the first under showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio and the last to feature Chevy Chase have certainly been a mixed bag, but the time has come for us Greendale human beings to make a final stand. In advance of this Thursday's finale, Sony TV has put together a new video urging viewers to watch "Advanced Introduction to Finality" live, if only to show NBC that 'Community' has numbers worth saving.

Of course, we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't point out that many of the clips from the video belong to the more revered 'Community' episodes under Dan Harmon, but season 4 has delivered plenty of memorable moments as well.

NBC will likely soon announce the show's fate at the Upfront presentations, but what say you? Is 'Community' truly worth six seasons and a movie? Watch the video below, and tune in this Thursday to watch "Advanced Introduction to Finality" inside!