And so it ends!  From 'Community's most animated timeline, thus concludes the uber-colorful web adventures of Jeff, Abed, Annie, Troy, Shirley, Pierce, Britta, Dean Pelton (did we mention he's an Oscar-winner now?), and yes, even Chang.  So was it worth it?

The third installment of 'Community's animated series "Abed's Master Key" has made its way online to Hulu and, in preparation for the series' big return from hiatus on March 15.  Of course, not everything can be as epic as this past week's trailer debuted on 'The Soup' for the remaining episodes of the season, but at least no one Britta-ed anything up in the promotions!

In part 3 of 'Abed's Master Key,' having gone mad with the power bestowed upon her by Abed in 'part 2,' the terrible Britta must answer for her terrible crimes against Greendale, and we finally learn the fate of the omnipresent study room table!  But you'll need to watch for yourself...

We're only six days now from "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts," so will the relatively low-key animated venture be enough to hold you over?  I personally could have done with a longer run-time, but NBC seems to have a lot on its plate when it comes to incorporating animation into its comedies, as the same was recently attempted with '30 Rock' prior to the Superbowl.  Could an animated installment of 'Parks and Recreation,' or even 'The Office' be far behind?

Just please, not 'Whitney'.  Never 'Whitney'.

Check out the final installment below, and be sure to watch 'Community' when season 3 picks up from hiatus on the not-ominous-at-all Ides of March, March 15 on NBC!