Shark Week is that one time a year we all eagerly anticipate sitting in front of the tube and getting a load of some crazy action courtesy of our sharp toothed friends of the deep. But Conan O'Brien wants to change all that.

"Forget Shark Week," he said on this week's episode of 'Conan.' Instead of geeking out over the ocean's most frightening creature (other than Godzilla, obviously), Conan recommends that you take a look at his own future hit series Shaq Week.

What would Shaq Week actually entail? Shaquille O'Neal is by far one of the scariest basketball players of all time -- his performance in 'Kazaam' certainly did the trick -- so apparently his actions are worth dedicating an entire week to documenting.

Take a look at episode 1 below, which takes a look at Shaq trying to pass out on his coach. But what happens when a predator is introduced into the mix? How will the giant basketballer defend himself?

Just in case you'd rather take a bite out of the traditional Shark Week content, it's premiering this Sunday, August 12 on Discovery Channel.