Now that's what we call one clever girl! This couple does the best, most hilarious 'Jurassic Park' cosplay we've ever seen.

We have no idea who this couple is, but they took their brilliant 'Jurassic Park' cosplay out to Comikaze in 2011, and we're just sad we're seeing it for the first time! The wife is dressed as a velociraptor, complete with big scary claws, and the husband is Robert Muldoon, the guy who helps Laura Dern with the velociraptors until, you know, spoiler, he gets killed by them -- because they're clever girls.

They took one of those kiddie battery-powered Jeeps and turned it into one of the vehicles from the film, and the wife chased the husband all around the convention floor. Wouldn't it be awesome if we had video of that?

Oh, wait, we totally do. Check out the video of one of the best cosplays we've ever seen in motion, and below we've got a few more pictures of this fantastically creative couple.

Misled Youth, Flickr
Hero Complex
David Ngo