It’s one thing for TV to mine intellectual property for a new series, and another to actually recruit stars of the original production to continue the story. Cruel Intentions apparently couldn’t hack it with Sarah Michelle Gellar, however, as NBC has officially opted to pass on its sequel series adaptation.

Per TVLine, NBC apparently opted not to follow through with the sequel series, despite a generally well-received pilot, citing an over abundance of midseason series to schedule. The pilot was to follow the 1999 film, picking up 16 years later with Annette (Kate Levering, taking over for Reese Witherspoon) and Sebastian’s son Bash, who crosses paths with Kathryn (Gellar).

It’s possible, however undetermined, that another network might scoop up the Sony TV offering after NBC’s decision to pass. Cruel Intentions marks the third series in which Gellar has attempted a TV comeback, following tepid reception for The CW’s Ringer, and CBS’ Robin Williams comedy The Crazy Ones.

You can watch the original Cruel Intentions trailer below, but might another network see the value in picking up with the famous film?