Like it or not, America, the three-camera sitcom is here to stay, and in the wake of its problematic ratings NBC is looking to make further strides into the genre even beyond the tepidly received 'Whitney' and 'Are You There, Chelsea?'

And clearly, someone somewhere must have asked aloud the question, "how could they get any worse," because the TV gods have very much set their sights on punishing us for tempting fate.  Dane Cook is coming to NBC.

No mere comedy special or ill-conceived reality series, comedian Dane Cook has landed his own pilot sitcom amongst the peacocks for the coming season!  According to the scoop report from TVLine, Cook will star in 'Next Caller Please,' a three-camera sitcom wherein a Colorado radio host ('Cougartown''s Collette Wolfe) lands her dream-job with a New York satellite radio station, only to have her hopes dashed by her abrasive, hard-drinking sexist co-star, Dane Cook's character.

Of course, as much as we'd like to believe the very idea came from Hades itself, 'Weeds' producer Stephen Falk takes credit for penning the pilot episode.  So to answer your question, yes, we live in a world where 'Community' endures low ratings and a hiatus casting doubt on a potential fourth season, while Dane Cook makes repetitive screaming nonsense at NBC executives.

To his credit, Dane Cook most recently appeared on the tubes as himself in a brilliant FX 'Louie' vignette which saw the comedian openly addressing accusations of plagiarism and selling out from fellow popular comic Louis C.K.  The episode was critically well-received, offering hope that Cook at least knows how to utilize his public image.

What say you, sitcommers?  Would you tune in to watch Dane Cook flail around in an NBC sitcom, or are you hitting up the nearest Virgin flight off this rock?  Give us your scathing reactions or manically boisterous praise in the comments below!