Danny Boyle helped direct the opening of the 2012 Olympic ceremonies, and to start the show they feature two of their most famous icons: The Queen of England, and James Bond (as played by Daniel Craig). Here's the opening video.

Though the role of Bond can be an albatross around an actor's neck (it took years for Sean Connery to shake the stigma of Bond), it does allow you to be a part of something like this, and even if Daniel Craig loves or hates the Queen of England, to be a part of the Olympic Ceremonies has to be an honor.

This video also highlights the fact that Bond has turned 50 (at least on the big screen) and that his latest effort 'Skyfall' will be released later this year. And though it may be slightly disrespectful for the Queen to engage in such shenanigans, it's worth noting American presidents (and candidates) have appeared on 'WWE,' 'Saturday Night Live' and 'The Daily Show,' so getting in on a jokey opening is hardly that improper for a queen, and it shows she has something of a sense of humor. The Olympics will be running on NBC starting today until the games finish on August 12.