Danny Boyle has been teasing us with the promise of a Trainspotting sequel for years, to be based on Irvine Welsh’s novel Porno, itself a sequel to Welsh’s source material for Boyle’s original film. The director has talked up the sequel so much with no actual momentum that it hardly feels like a possibility, but Boyle is at it again, and this time he says the Trainspotting followup is his next movie.

Deadline caught up with Boyle at the Telluride film festival, where he debuted Steve Jobs, based on a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. Boyle says that he plans on making Trainspotting 2 his next movie, and reveals that “All the four main actors want to come back and do it,” but “it is only a matter of getting all their schedules together which is complicated by two of them doing American TV series.”

Trainspotting was released back in 1996 and written by John Hodge, who has also collaborated with Boyle on A Life Less Ordinary, The Beach and Trance. Hodge and Boyle based the film on Irvine Welsh’s novel, and Hodge has written the screenplay for the sequel based on Welsh’s own followup novel, Porno.

The original film centered on a group of junkie friends in Scotland, led by Ewan McGregor’s Mark Renton, who attempts to clean up his act but finds it difficult even after he abandons his pals, including Jonny Lee Miller’s Sick Boy, Robert Carlyle’s Begbie, and Ewen Bremner’s Spud. Welsh’s followup novel follows Sick Boy as he makes a desperate attempt to start his own porn business with the help of Renton.

McGregor has said (as recently as last year) that he would like to return for the sequel. The actor is currently prepping to direct American Pastoral, while Jonny Lee Miller is starring on the CBS series Elementary, Bremner is appearing on the upcoming series The Devil You Know, and Carlyle stars as Mr. Bear on Once Upon a Time.