Though he's currently hard at work on 'Noah,' it seems that Darren Aronofsky is lining up his next project, and it looks to be 'The General' - a bio-pic on America's first president. Currently Paramount is in negotiations to pick the film up for him, which would be his second picture in a row for the studio.

Of course, if Paramount doesn't pick it up, it could go to another company, but Variety suggests Paramount want to continue to work with the director. There's a script already, and it's being compared to 'Unforgiven' more than a straight bio-pic. That sounds incredible, though reminds a little of 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.'

It would seem the fate of this picture would rest on how well Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' bio-pic does later this year. The failure or success of a similarly themed film can spell the end of a film in pre-production, or spawn more like it.

The good news is that coming off the success of 'Black Swan,' Aronofsky isn't waiting to find work. He's building up a slate of films to do, and that's the smartest thing a working director can do. Imagine the world where 'Swan' bombed and he was helming the 'Wolverine' sequel, as was originally announced.