David Gordon Green has proven his diversity as both an indie and mainstream filmmaker, offering intimate, smaller-budget dramas and wacky, wide-release comedies. The director’s next project is a bit different, proving that Green is always up to meeting a new challenge: he’s officially signed on to direct Stronger, one of three films about the Boston marathon bombing.

Ideally, Stronger would combine the emotional depth of his indies with the mainstream appeal of his studio projects — THR reports that Green will direct the upcoming drama, which is based on survivor Jeff Bauman, who lost both of his legs in the terrorist attack while he was waiting for his girlfriend at the finish line. Bauman served as a key witness in the trial of Dshokhar Tsarnaev, and co-wrote a book about his harrowing experience titled Stronger.

Bauman was just one of the hundreds of victims affected that day in the attack, which killed three people and injured over 260 others.

Green’s project is not to be confused with Patriots’ Day, the CBS Films project starring Mark Wahlberg, and Boston Strong, Fox’s project which is currently looking for a new director after losing Safe House helmer Daniel Espinosa.

Green most recently released Manglehorn, starring Al Pacino, and is in post-production on Our Brand Is Crisis, the financial drama starring Sandra Bullock.

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