Apparently we're going to have the time of our lives once again since Lionsgate is planning to remake 'Dirty Dancing.' They already have Kenny Ortega, choreographer turned filmmaker, on board the production but now they have another musical-friendly person on board with hopes to make it like something you're already familiar with.

In enters 'Glee' co-creator and writer Brad Falchuk who's been hired to rewrite the current script for the 'Dirty Dancing' remake. Not sure exactly how he'll be sprucing up the script, especially since he's a part of a show that focuses on singing and not dancing like this movie does, but surely it's giving the movie a little bit of a boost.

Kenny Ortega is directing the picture with Debra Martin Chase ('The Princess Diaries') and Eleanor Bergstein producing the film. The plain fact that co-writer Eleanor Bergstein is backing the movie should be comfort enough for the fans of the wildly popular film from the eighties.

'Dirty Dancing' was first released in 1987 and starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The movie is a memorable coming-of-age drama where a teenager travels with her family on a vacation to a resort and ends up falling in love with the dance instructor.

Now the pieces are starting to fall together for the 'Dirty Dancing' remake, but the real question is who they'll cast as this generation's Johnny Castle and "Baby."