The live-action Mulan remake may have been delayed two whole years, but that doesn’t mean Disney hasn’t been working hard to cast it. After a worldwide search that resulted in the casting of Chinese actress Liu Yifei (a.k.a. Crystal Liu) as the main character, another face has been added that will be a little more familiar to mainstream Western audiences.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rogue One and XxX 3: Return of Xander Cage star Donnie Yen has been cast in Mulan as her mentor, Commander Tung, a new character that wasn’t in the animated version. Nothing else is known about his character right now, but given his star power overseas and rising popularity here, it’ll probably be a pretty major one.

Yen is a superstar in China, having started his career with 1988’s Tiger Cage and cementing himself as an accomplished martial artist and action star with the Ip Man franchise, which is still ongoing. It’s really encouraging that Disney is working hard to cast this movie right, and Yen, given his popularity, is a perfect choice. I can’t wait to see what kind of role Commander Tung turns out to be. It’s possible that he’s an equivalent to General Li, voiced by James Shigeta, who had a more minor role in the animated film.

The movie still has a lot of major characters to cast, including Mulan’s family, her dragon buddy Mushu, her soldier friends, and love interest Shang, not to mention the entire Hun army, led by the terrifying Shan-Yu. A year ago, director Niki Caro assured us that, yes, her live-action Mulan will include some music, and perhaps some of the songs from the animated version, though the original Mulan is lighter on the musicality compared to other Disney movies.

The live-action Mulan will hit theaters March 27, 2020.

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