While we're disappointed that the recent pop culture resurgence of Dolph Lundgren won't culminate in a feature film about a criminal-fighting, erotic scientist who literally smells crime, as some has suggested, we're happy to see the blonde adonis brought back to celebration. But for his second go around, Dolph has a smaller picture than the movies in mind, making a full two-year commitment to TV for 'Rescue 3.' But what will Lundgren's new series follow, and where can you expect to see it?

Dolph Lundgren will be coming at you in more ways than one in the fall of 2013, as Deadline reveals the blonde beefcake will star in his own TV series 'Rescue 3.' A return to the syndicated actioner format seen in past years with 'Baywatch' and 'Xena: Warrior Princess,' the story of 'Rescue 3' will follow the "cream-of-the-crop" from Los Angeles Lifeguard, Firefighter and Coast Guard agencies, with each episode centering on big-action rescues involving all three.

According to the report, Lundgren will play Captain John Mathews, a reluctant hero, career firefighter and lifeguard who leads a specialized unit made up of experts in air, fire and water rescue.  The series has received a 20-episode pickup over two years from Tribune Broadcasting, to be executive produced by former 'Baywatch' EP Gregory J. Bonann.

What say you? Would you watch Dolph Lundgren on TV with 'Rescue 3'? Can first-run syndicated series make a return? Give us your take in the comments!