It was hard to get a read on Donald Glover in his Community exit, as the increasingly-esoteric star seemed to lean more toward his Childish Gambino career at the time. Now, as Glover heads back to TV for FX’s Atlanta, the erstwhile Troy Barnes says it’s good that his Community time came to an end, just like Donald Trump will. Look, it got dark.

Addressing reporters at the TCA press tour panel for FX’s Atlanta (via TVLine), Glover gave a heavy response to questions of Community creator Dan Harmon inviting him to return for the now-passed Season 6. One can’t say for sure if Glover meant to eschew the possibility forever, but … well, take a look:

I think everything should have death clauses in them. Humans have death clauses. Like, thank god, one day, [Donald] Trump is gonna die. That’s guaranteed. That’s awesome. It’s important that things end. I’m glad things end because it forces things to progress. I get really frustrated in the world because I see a lot of things that could be better but aren’t better because things haven’t died yet.

Oh boy. Well, last we heard, Harmon wasn’t going to commit to writing a script for the theoretical movie just yet anyway, given the ever-conflicting schedules of its prolific cast, Glover aside.

The actor did offer “I had so much fun on Community. It wasn’t that I wanted to run away from it,” but is Glover’s dark response the final nail in seeing Troy rescued from those pirates?

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