The long-awaited Warcraft movie is a little under a year away…and director Duncan Jones thinks that’s just enough time to squeeze in another movie. The man behind Moon and Source Code has spent the better part of five years developing, filming, and editing his adaptation of the beloved video game series, but his fast-and-cheap indie sensibilities still rage within. Can he film his long-gestating passion project while finishing his massive fantasy epic?

The film in question is Mute, a sci-fi noir in the same vein as Blade Runner that Jones has been talking about since 2009. Originally intended to be his follow-up to Moon, Mute was put on the back burner when studio work came rolling in. Now, as Jones revealed in an interview with Empire, he’s finally ready to tackle this project:

Dark Horse and Glenn Fabry and myself have been working on the graphic novel for [Mute] for years now – literally years – and there’s a very good chance, if I can squeeze [it in] in these 11 months, that you’ll see the film before you see the graphic novel … It’s 11 months to sneak in my little indie sci-fi before Warcraft comes out. I got Moon done in 11 months.

Things may have changed, but Mute circa 2009 was about a mute bartender who searches a dystopian future Berlin for his missing girlfriend. Since this is a film noir, he gets abducted and things go very wrong. Early concept art promised flying cars and a detailed urban hellscape. This movie needs to get made.

Meanwhile, Empire notes that Warcraft is actually very close to being completely finished. Once it’s locked, everyone will just have to wait around for its 2016 release date and Jones doesn’t seem to be a fan of the “wait around, twiddling thumbs” approach. The script and tons of designs for Mute already exist. If Jones can secure funding and find a cast, it’s entirely possible for him to actually get this done.

Warcraft should reveal a new slew of details in the coming days as Jones tries to woo the Hall H crowds at Comic-Con. Hopefully, more Mute details will emerge as well.