Pretty much everything about David Ayer’s new Netflix movie Bright causes one to tilt one’s head to the side while squinting one’s eyes and making a noncommittal “huh” sound. It seems like the kind of story that would feel more at home in the early 2000s gritty teen urban fantasy era when authors like Holly Black and Cassandra Clare were in their heyday. But Ayer, never one to realize when material seems dated (see: the extremely Hot Topic aesthetic of Suicide Squad), is going full out with Bright, as evidenced by a new image of Edgar Ramirez’ rather flamboyant elf character.

Holyyyyy moly.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ramirez’ character’s name is Kandomere, and he works for the FBI’s magic division. If you don’t recall, Bright revolves around a human cop, played by Will Smith, who partners up with the first Orc cop on the force, played by Joel Edgerton, to fight crime in a world populated by both humans and fantastical creatures. So like, a gritty version of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them or what Middle Earth would be like if it existed in the modern day.

And let’s be real, if the Elves of the Third Age were still around, you bet they’d look like fashionably-dressed industry twits. I wonder if Kandomere’s hair is always that shade of violet, or if it changes every day to match his outfit.

Bright is currently in production, and doesn‘t yet have an official release date either on Netflix or in theaters.

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